Elaine Lipka, more than a federal officer

October 19, 2021
Elaine Xydis Lipka

A job such as officer with the Federal Bureau of Investigations takes time, dedication and sacrifice. It’s countless hours on the job in the name of doing something bigger than oneself. It’s more than just law enforcement; it’s consistent efforts to keep the nation safe, put heinous criminals where they belong and stop terroristic or other actions before they have a chance of succeeding in their damage. It’s a massive commitment, and one that Elaine Lipka has undertaken since 2005 when she became an agent with the FBI.

Even prior to that, Lipka had been putting herself on the line for the job. She served as a special agency for international and domestic counterterrorism from 1991 to 2005. And beforehand, she worked with the United States court system as well as county probation and parole teams. She has consistently strived to put the law first in her professional endeavors.

But Elaine Xydis Lipka is more than just the job -- even if it is a job with the nation’s most renowned anti-crime unit. Lipka is also a mother of teenage twins and a homemaker. She’s a figure in her community with a strong liaison base. She aids the local school district and has connections throughout her community. And she multi-tasks with the best of them, but then again, you would have to when juggling motherhood and the criminal justice system.